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Kramer Septic Service
Kramer Septic Service is a Family owned business with over 31 years experience.

We are in the business of providing services ranging from residential septic tank pumping/cleaning to car wash pit cleanouts, for residential & commercial clients. We also specialize in pumping, cleaning and properly disposing of grease trap waste from restaurants, nursing homes, churches and anywhere else cooking may be done.

We have state-certified operators that are highly trained, and we feel that our equipment and employees are of the highest quality possible. Our goals are to perform our job at the highest level of excellence, while keeping in mind the safety of our customers and staff. No job is too small or too large! We always strive to ensure complete customer approval. Call us today to find out just how we can help you!

Tips for Maintenance of a Septic Tank
• Have your tank pumped/cleaned out every 2-3 years
• Only use "Septic Safe" cleaning products & detergents
• Use "Septic Safe" toilet paper
• Do not build anything or drive any heavy equipment over your septic system
• Keep gutter, water softener, & sump pump discharges away from your septic system.



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Kramer Septic Service

550 N. 2nd St
PO Box 231
Breese, IL 62230

office: 618.526.2561

fax: 618.526.2351

Emergency: 618.973.9165

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