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Services & Methods

Umbilical Method/Drag Line 
This method of land application is accomplished in two ways

Tractor & Tank
The residual is hauled by Semi-Truck & tank to the desired field location & is then pumped into a Tractor & tank system. The tractor and tank inject the residual into the field with GPS mapping & Auto Guidance 

Drag Line
The residual is pumped directly out of the lagoon and hose is laid out to the field where the tractor and a tool bar inject the residual into the field.  This method allows for continuous application of residual as it is tilled into the soil or spray irrigated with GPS mapping & Auto Guidance

Water Transfer   

Both the coal and oil fracking industries have a tremendous need for the transferring of water. This is done by laying down hose from a hose reel. We have ample equipment to accommodate the miles of hose which can be needed for this process.

With this procedure we can eliminate the trucking of water and more efficiently pump directly from the water source to the desired location. This method can save time and money.

Metro-Ag Services 


We Service many industries

Lagoon and  Digester
Water Cleaning & Waste Water Cleaning

Livestock operations can utilize our drag line.

The current cost of man-made fertilizers are rising resulting in benefits of recycling manure for fertilizers.

Many industries deal with public perception and being able to handle an industries byproduct in a safe & environmentally friendly manner provides a great peace of mind for the business and customers.

Recycle Biosolids

What are biosolids?

Biosolids are a recyclable material resulting from the treatment of wastewater.

Biosolids are rich in nitrogen and phosphorus along with other supplementary nutrients in smaller doses.

Approximately 40-50 percent of the 8-9 million tons of used each year by municipal treatment facilities are recycled for beneficial use and are reused in a variety of applications.